Every marketer needs to be an analyst

Now, I'm not saying that every marketer needs to understand how to implement tracking codes, or have a masters degree in statistics, but if you want to compete and be successful you need a basic understanding of analytics to demonstrate why you are doing is worth what you are doing.

Often in large organizations marketers rely to heavily on their analytics teams to tell them what they should be measuring and how they should be measuring. They often ask the wrong questions, like "how is my campaign performing", when they should be asking "what is the story of my campaign"?

As a marketer, you need to be able to tell a story as to why you are successful, in addition to simply measuring success. In essence, you will be marketing yourself. This will greatly benefit you career. In order to do this you need a plan. I have developed a rough outline you can use as a template in my post "a measurement plan for any marketing campaign".

Why leave such an important measure of your performance to someone else when you can pro-actively drive it yourself?

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